El-Sahel Teaching Hospital provides distinguished services in health care in diagnosis and treatment by selecting and developing the best human cadres and providing the hospital with all modern medical devices with high technology and advanced in all general and accurate medical specialties and the best use of resources
Al-Sahel Educational Hospital also works to support continuous education and training programs and encourage scientific research for all groups working in it to serve the surrounding community through health education programs.
All of this is achieved within the framework of applying comprehensive quality systems in health care and improving the continuous performance of patients who frequent them, who are unable to attend the free departments and who are able in the specialized hospital attached for paid treatment and according to the patient’s needs and expectations, and his exit is safe.. healed.. fully satisfied with the services provided to him without any complications or disabilities. And that is through working on setting standards for quality, standards, policies and procedures, operating manuals, treatment protocols, and using information technology systems and disseminating them among employees.
To obtain the best quality indicators and obtain international accreditation as a distinguished teaching service hospital in health care and to put it on the health map of distinguished facilities in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world.