patient rights

• The right to receive care if it is available in the hospital

• The right to know the name of the attending physician, the supervising physician/responsible physician

• The right to receive care that respects the patient's personal values ​​and beliefs

The right to know and participate in decisions relating to their care

The right to refuse care and discontinue treatment

• The right to security, personal privacy and dignity

• The right to receive appropriate treatment for the mother

• The right to submit a complaint or suggestion without fear of persecution

• The right to know the prices of services and procedures

• Rights determined by regulations and laws (according to state law)                                                                                                                                          

Patient Duties Document

• Al Sahel Teaching Hospital extends its sincere thanks to its dear patients for choosing Al Sahel Teaching Hospital for treatment, wishing them a speedy recovery and asking them to adhere to the following:-

Follow the suggested treatment plan

• Commitment to visiting times

• Do not enter any food from outside the hospital in order to maintain their safety

• Do not accompany children during the visit except Friday and official holidays

• Do not enter stoves, heaters, etc

• Maintaining hospital facilities and furniture

• Financial commitment towards paying the cost of treatment in accordance with the law, regulations and policies of the hospital

Show respect for other patients and all staff

• Follow hospital policies and procedures