Plastic surgery department

- Plastic surgery in the plastic surgery department in ElSaheel Teaching Hospital becomes a cosmetic surgery in the various departments of the Ministry of Health.


The department started with pioneers in cosmetic treatment and reform at the Ministry of Health, and they were trained in foreign missions in France.


The Department of Plastic Surgery at Al-Sahel Teaching Hospital is distinguished in all reconstructive and plastic surgeries, and the department has pioneering specialized units in hand surgeries, congenital differences surgeries, Aesthetic surgeries, and maxillofacial surgeries.


- The Department of Plastic Surgery, after the last development in 2021, is an honorable picture of the recent development and modernization of the hospital, as the department has been modernized and developed at the level of construction and equipment.

- Our goal in the Plastic Surgery Department at Al-Sahel Teaching Hospital is to provide the best health service to patients while continuing to modernize and develop scientific and practical.

department head,

Dr.. Mohamed Soliman