Physical Therapy Depqrtment

The Department of Physiotherapy at Al-Sahel Teaching Hospital headed by Prof. Dr. Nahid Husseini Taha, a "scientific consultant physiotherapy", is distinguished by the presence of the largest number of units of a special nature

As physiotherapy units for children's diseases headed by Prof. Dr. Mona Sayed Ahmed, a full-time scientific consultant and a participant

The unit deals with cases of cerebral palsy, muscle atrophy, delay in growth and development, postpartum malarial injuries, and a unit for treating internal and chest diseases, gynecology, surgery, and an orthopedic and neurological treatment unit.

The department also includes the latest physiotherapy equipment

Such as cryotherapy for pain, bone and nerve injuries

And the shockwave therapy device for spines, which treats the problems of tendinitis, bone and osteoporosis

And laser devices and magnetic waves for the treatment of pain, wounds and injuries of the vertebrae

And alternating current devices and sound waves to treat various bone and nerve injuries

The department is also characterized by the presence of physiotherapists with doctorate and master's degrees in various physiotherapy specialties

This allows patients who attend the department to obtain the best quality in the field of physical therapy