Allow me at the outset to welcome you and thank you very much for visiting our website, through which we will present to you a simple summary of our modern medical edifice, which we have taken great care, we are the hospital’s family, its board of directors, and its employees in all specialties, provided that its launch is detailed in its details. Sufficient level of excellence, exclusivity and leadership at all levels.

Hence, we have supported these medical competencies with the latest and most efficient advanced devices globally in terms of honorable performance and high accuracy in results, where modern technology - and through a smart electronic system - links between the three basic corners of the treatment system, namely the doctor supervising the treatment and the patient receiving the service The health and medical devices that undoubtedly affect the desired level of each treatment journey we take together, we make all these details among our priorities because of our deep belief in the actual right of every patient or beneficiary to obtain his full medical right,Where our distinguished staff follows up on all developments in the record of each patient around the clock, and we do not forget here the hospital staff who are qualified and trained to provide the finest and best services in various specialties, and they are colleagues whom we have chosen very carefully to fulfill our vision of leadership, modernity and professionalism.

I ask God Almighty to help us all to achieve our desired goal, which is to serve the sick.

Dr. Abdel Fattah Hegazy

  Hospital general manager